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problem with i/o device


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hi, i've benn downloading very well, everything is still working.

but with a torrent of the size of 27.4gb (a videogame) i'm having troubles with the error about i/o device.

i premise i don't have any problem with the operative system or the hard disks, they're fine.

i'm downloading this file on my primary hd (primary partition) where also windows 7 ultimate x64 is located.


i've downloaded the torrent until 78.3% and every now and then the problem occurs but i just put the torrent in FORCE download that it would start for a while until it stops again.


now i'm trying to FORCE check the file to see if everything is fine but at the point of 60.8% it freezes (together with the whole computer) with the hd doing little repeated noise until it stops and utorrent displays the error.


"Error: the request could not be performed because of an I/O device error (Check)"


i'm using utorrent 3.4.2

what the hell is wrong with it?


***couldn't it be just a problem of the italian connection with the downloading of a file so big? the torrent is very slow because it is based in italy. it is like 3 times worse than the nigerian or lybian connection.***

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i just checked my entire operating enviroment last week.



disk checkup

reboot disk check

sfc /scannow

registry cleaning

junk cleaning

antivirus and antimalware scans.


i use the pc as i used it 2 months ago

never had a virus, never had a problem, trust me.


the torrent just runs fine when i re-put it in force download mode.

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IO device errors indicate hardware related issues ON YOUR COMPUTER.

This indicates the hard drive is failing, in spite of the testing you've done.

and why none of the tests i've done didn't warn me about anything?

and why every other torrent file force-recheck runs well and fine?

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