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Browserless windows 7 client for remote uTorrent


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Want to do VERY simple thing, but can find working solution :(


I have uTorrent installed on Windows 7 machine (call it htpc). WebUI is enabled. Have there few directories, e.g. d:\movies, d:\tv_series

On other machine (call desktop), also Windows 7 ... I want to download .torrent file and double click on it so it will start on htpc's uTorrent and will allow selecting where it will download (e.g. movies or tv_series).



 - No browser extensions,

 - No directly adding torrent from webui

 - No android, iOS, etc mobile apps.

 - No remote.utorrent.com.

 - No TeamViewer or similar.


All I want to click on .torrent file and open it remotely.

Pretty simple ? Still can't make it work


I CAN do the same with transmission + Transmission Remote GUI already, but for whatever reason transmission server crashes sometimes and I want to try uTorrent.

Already tried uRemote Windows client from http://uremote.blogspot.com/, but it is abandoned and crashes on adding torrent.


Can somebody help ?

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