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Speed fluctuations over local peering/ utorrent bug ???


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I have a 640 kbps connections shared over WiFi with 2 of my friends. My ISP (local peering : 5 mbps) gives good local peering. With local peering, I get around 700 kB/s speed in my torrents. However, for the past few weeks, I have been facing a speed issue. Whenever I download a torrent which I know has local peering, the speeds i get are around 650-700 kB/s. However, after sometime, I find that the speed has fallen down to around 80 kB/s (640 kbps/8 = 80 kB/s). What's annoying is that, once i stop and restart the torrent, I again get good speeds around 700 kB/s. This problem keeps repeting with almost all of my torrents(with local peering). So I have to keep restating them after every few minutes.


So the following possibilities may be the cause  : 


1. Simultaneous downloading by my friends limits the local peering speed I get.

    Fluctuation occurs even when I am downloading alone(with no other friend connected to the WiFi).


2. Problem with my ISP which limits local peering in selective torrents.

    My friend (who uses Vuze) gets a stable 650-700 kB/s when he downloads locally peered torrents alone(same torrents that I get fluctuating speeds with).


3. A bug in utorrent. Maybe some setting that interferes with local peering.


So the question is : WHICH ONE????

I have already stated my logic to rule out the first 2 possobilities.

Kindly help me out as I am tired of restarting my torrents every now and then to constantly receive the 700 kB/s local peering speed.


Specs : Using utorrent 3.4.2 9 built 34024

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How are you obtaining the local peering?

What are your actual settings?

My ISP, Alliance broadband supports this local peering like I have mentioned before. There are no specfic settings that I use to obtain this local peering. I use the default settings after installing utorrent. If your question is "How do I know that I am gettinom g this from local peering?", I get it from the Peers tab, where the majority of the speed is contributed by a client called "btcache" whose IP resembles mine. 

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