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Proceeded with update when advised on selecting torrent but ...


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Today - I am in Australia, but as I use utorrent daily, this should translate as very recently - I `opened' a torrent which, as per normal, automatically opened utorrent.  As has happened many times in the past, on opening, utorrent advised me of an update - which I chose to have effected. 


After the update completion - seeking to re-engage the torrent that opened utorrent minutes before - I was informed that the torrent was already listed and would I like to update the trackers.  No torrent was showing.  The tallies on the side showed all totals as `0'.  The actual torrent file did not even appear in the file reserved for these. 


I restarted the computer, but same situation as prior to re-start.  No torrent listed, but I am asked if I want to update trackers.


Rather than open the torrent, I specifically saved the torrent file.  When I sought to start it from its now-saved location, I was again asked if I wanted to update the trackers!  There is still no torrent showing as active, or even listed in utorrent.  All totals still display `0'.


The update appears not to be working - at least not with the torrent that opened utorrent, which in turn asked then if I wanted to update the software.


My technical knowledge is scant.  I will certainly appreciate any non-technical advice - thank you.


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Thank you - found the entry there. 


It was not downloading - saying `can't find torrent'.  Of course, as stated, the actual torrent file was not listed in its default folder, until I specifically downloaded it.


Anyhow, the problem I raised has been answered.  I do not know how the torrent had become `hidden', but it was there.


Thank you again.

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