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Whole uTorrent window is blank after minimizing and maximizing


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So, yeah, this happens. I open up uTorrent, everything's fine, I minimize it and then I bring it back up (tried both clicking Show/Hide and double clicking the tray icon) and then everything's blank. I should mention that there's something clickable in the upper right corner, I highlighted the area with approximation, because, for some reason, my cursor doesn't come up as I screenshot it when it's over that area.


Startup - http://i.imgur.com/1fTRYh3.png

After minimizing-maximizing - http://i.imgur.com/idRJwd7.png


I just started having this issue today, while using 34024. I updated to 34309 but the same thing happens. My OS is XP SP2.

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Are you blocking the ads/offers by any chance (either by way of hosts, advanced settings or a combo of the 2)?


It looks like the offers have been remotely activated again, completely ignoring & overriding user settings:




I've just been seeing the exact same thing.


I am seriously considering going back to 3.3.2.x permanently.

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There has to be some setting or settings that maybe should or should not be messed with....

I haven't had any ad/bundles/sync image problems here probably by adding a combination of advanced/hidden settings and a "read only" hosts file entries...


This is exactly what my settings consist of...Try and see if it makes any difference on your end..




HOSTS file entries:

# [utorrent] bundles.bittorrent.com apps.bittorrent.com ads.bittorrent.com offers.bittorrent.com services.bunndle.com cdn.ap.bittorrent.com beta.bundles.bittorrent.com


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Not sure but it must be dastardly....

It's almost safe to say to set these additions to false!


It is my belief that Bittorrent Inc= $$$....Unfortunate but their recent track history and lack of actions with major bugs that has lead me to this belief unless they show me different

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Ok, at least I'm not the only one.

@Beasly, I have changed all the values to the ones you're using and it works... until I exit uTorrent. If I exit it and run it again, the same thing happens.

@mike, I'm not blocking them in any way. I only mess around with the options once a year or maybe even more, and that's when I need to reset my OS or something and I reinstall the software I need.


If they don't fix this bs in the next update I'm considering switching to another client.

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Beasly, I've just replicated your exact settings. Hosts entries are identical too.

Upon restart, everything has been overwritten <MAD>


These values are currently working/stopping the white screen though (even with those gate entries set to true) if anyone else wants to try.

Entries for...



...should be highlighted, press space bar, press Set, press OK.

Same goes for...

offers.featured_content_url & offers.content_offer_url.


And as it is of no interest to me...






Running BitTorrent client, my original settings.dat work fine and are not overwritten.

uTorrent client overwrites them.

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