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Can't open or uninstall


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I'm sure this has been listed somewhere but after searching for a while both on Google and on here I can't find anything to help me. If this is a duplicate please feel free to forward the link to the other chain. Thank you.


Yesterday my uTorrent client started acting weird. When called it opened but then crashed immediately. Every time I opened it after then it would open and then close immediately. I tried to uninstall but it wouldn't get rid of it. After some frustration and research I decided to delete the files and uninstall.. which removed all references to it. Then I tried downloading the new version (which I already had before, by the way) and it just won't open. It asks if I want to open it and if I want to give uTorrent permission and I say yes and then it just does nothing.


I am switching to another client in the interim but have been using uTorrent for many years and would prefer to:


A) get it up and running again.. or...


B) at least let you all know of my experience.


Thanks for reading and any insights you may have to help iron this out. Thanks!

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