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uTorrent "Connecting to peers", there are none.


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I have been attempting to download this file which is around 20GB (videogame). Nothing is happening, it is just idle 'connecting to peers'.

Tracker Info
[DHT]                                                              waiting for announce...                     0 0 0      DHT is also waiting to log in
[Local Peer Discovery]                                    working                                            0 1 0
[Peer Exchange]                                             working                                            0 0 0      (My internet works fine right now, I notice connections time out, why is that?)
http://inferno.demonoid.ph:3389/announce     hostname not found 2m 29s           0 0 0
http://tracker.publicbt.com0/announce            hostname not found updating...       0 0 0
udp://11.rarbg.com:80/announce                    Connection timed out. 18m 44s       0 0 0
udp://9.rarbg.com:2710/announce                  Connection timed out. 17m 43s       0 0 0
udp://bt.rghost.net:80/announce                     Connection timed out. 14m 53s       0 0 0
udp://coppersurfer.tk:6969/announce             Connection timed out. 15m 45s       0 0 0
udp://open.demonii.com:1337/announce        Connection timed out. 18m 40s       0 0 0
udp://pow7.com:80/announce                         No such host is known. 14m 55s     0 0 0
udp://t1.pow7.com:80/announce                     No such host is known. 16m 56s     0 0 0
udp://tracker.ccc.de:80 Connection                 timed out. 16m 48s                          0 0 0
udp://tracker.ilibr.org:80/announce                  Connection timed out. 16m 52s       0 0 0
udp://tracker.istole.it:80 Connection                timed out. 15m 35s                          0 0 0
udp://tracker.openbittorrent.com:80                Connection timed out. 18m 37s       0 0 0
udp://tracker.token.ro:80/announce                Connection timed out. 18m 46s       0 0 0
Slackware torrent does basically the same thing (meaning not working).
This has happened with other games I tried to download and failed, however I have managed to download applications just fine even as i am typing. It seems to be videogames with this problem.
(Shadow Of Mordor started downloading, but very slow at 0.1kbps so I gave up)
Thanks for your time
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