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uTorrent stalls my OS if my computer is left idle


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I've been having this issue for the past couple months, and I finally figured out that it was utorrent causing the problem.


Whenever I leave my computer idle for too long with utorrent running, when I return to my computer, windows explorer will be stalled.


I can click, move my mouse/keyboard etc. but I am unable to open any new applications, close the ones that are running, or restart my computer safely, leaving me to hard reboot.


This only happens when utorrent is running, and when I check event logs, it is always utorrent that says it has stopped responding.


Is there something I can do to fix this?


I am running windows 8 on a ssd on a computer build that is only about 8 months old. This is the first and only issue I have ever had on this pc, as well as with utorrent.

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