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Search Options: Invert search option + Paste and Go


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I didn't know how to title this request but the idea is:

For the first option:

1. First enter the text for what we're looking for in the search box

2. Click the search icon, choose the engine and this willengage the search.

I don't wish this as a replacement but as an option; I prefer always to write or paste a text and then search and not the contrary

My second wish would be like the Opera browser feature: you copy a text somewhere and when you right-click to paste it in the search box, you choose Paste & Go which will engage imediately the search through the search engine which was chosen previously.

I hope it's clear... ;-)

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It's 2 requsts in one. The first request is basically saying, when you select a search engine, if there are keywords in the search field, automatically search. That, or when you click on the button for switching engines, it searches. I don't know which one he's asking for, but it's something to that effect, and either way have been requested several times before.

The second one is a lazy feature where you can right click the search field and paste, it performs the search immediately. The latter is especially lazy, and only saves ONE click if the first one is implemented (or one press on the Enter button in its current state).

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Ultima, you've got it!

And it seems to me that both automatic search or clicking the button is the same idea since the moment you click the button (or choose the search engine) it automatically engages the search.

The second is a lazy feature as you say saving ONLY one click, butit seems to me that every click saved is more than a penny saved :-P Otherwise why implement anything at all in life?

These requests are not for a graphical interface change but functional implements.

BTW, I did a search before I posted but couldn't find something that approached these requests.

Thank you!

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