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UTorrent crashing immediately. Even crashes if I try to uninstall.


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So, UTorrent shut down randomly today and I have been unable to get it stable ever since. It crashes immediately after execution. I have checked everything and restarted my computer. I don't have bitDefender.


I went to uninstall it, so that I could reinstall it and it force quits its own uninstall. I have ran several antivirus/malware programs and nothing is showing up.


UTorrent runs just fine in Safe Mode.




EDIT: Not sure what it was, but I had to do a full uninstall in Safe Mode, including clearing out every initial setting and deleting all associated folders. I then reinstalled 3.4.1 and am not having issues anymore. I turned off automatic updates, I'm not going back to that version. A lot of people seem to experience it crashing.

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