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Noobie questions about helping others


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Brand new to Torrent stuff, so these are probably elementary questions.


1. I downloaded an ISO file which was called "Microsoft Office 2007 Pro.iso". But after download I discovered that it is actually "Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007", not Pro. Can I safely rename my seed (is that the correct term) in my uTorrent app for the benefit of others who may download it?


2. How long do I have to retain the file in my uTorrent to benefit from seeding? I've burned the ISO to CD so from a purely selfish perspective the file is just taking up space unnecessarily.


3. I have installed the software and it seems to be pretty good. Can I, or should I, make a comment to that effect for the benefit of others, and where/how should I make such a comment?



 - Anony...


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