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Peers reported for both IPv6 and IPv4


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When I am uploading and have a new leecher, if they are coming through IPv6 they are listed on both the Peers tab and the number of peers as two leeches: one with the IPv6 and one with the translated IPv4. Here's what I see:

IP: 2001:0:9d**:90**:34**:f**:bbcc****IP: c-68-**-**-**.hsd1.ar.comcast.net[uTP]Port   Client       Flag  %     UpSpd     Reqs Uplded  PeerDl  MaxUp  Queued  Debug Quota51105  BitTrt7.9.2  U I   43.4  19.6kB/s  0|7  50.4MB  181.7k  27.3k  55.2kB  4|-1  15015|200 61118  BitTrt7.9.2  U XP  43.9  30.0kB/s  0|9  36.2MB  181.7k  39.3k  55.7kB  4|-1  27643|200

The conversion may be happening somewhere between my modem, router, and firewall, but something is rotten. ISP: Clear; Router: cheapo linksys; Windows 7 (default firewall, utorrent excluded, user account); uT 3.4.2 build 34309


Anyway, it's an annoyance because, for example, it means that there are potentially twice as many seeders on a rare torrent as are listed such that I might stop the torrent when its availability is still volatile.

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