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previously working lan tracker stopped working


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Well it used to work a couple weeks ago, the problem is that the torrent wont seed. I created it, used my local ip and listening port /announce for the share and then use it on a computer in lan.

its stuck on connecting to peers, the tracker part seems to work but it just wont download...
also when manually adding the server peer it seems to be trying to connect and dissapears.

there al also no problems with other torrents (slackware iso etc)


firewalls are disabled, its a simple switch between the two. other peers also show up.

turned off all download limitations

bittorrent tab -> dht stuff disabled and limit local peer bandwith unchecked, the rest is checked


also tried the beta 3.4.2 (34588) version, no change

running windows server 2012 rc2

the only thing i did change between before and then was my computer name.

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