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Torrent with symlinks rechecks to 100%, but raises "Error: files missing from job."


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uTorrent 3.4.2 build 34537, Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Observed behavior:
When starting a torrent where one (or more) of the destination files is an NTFS symbolic link, the torrent rechecks to 100%, yet fails to start seeding. The error message is "Error: files missing from job".

Expected behavior:
Torrent should start seeding.
Steps to reproduce:

  • E.g. on the desktop, create two folders: "link" and "target".
  • In the "target" folder, create a non-empty file, e.g. "file.txt" with content "asdf".
  • In uTorrent click on "Create New Torrent", click on "Add File", and select "file.txt" in the "target" folder.
  • Delete the newly created torrent from uTorrent's torrent list.
  • Create a symlink that points to the file from step 2, e.g. by opening an elevated command prompt, changing the directory to the desktop, and running "mklink link\file.txt ..\target\file.txt"
  • Add the torrent from step 3 to uTorrent and choose the "link" folder as download location.
  • Perform a force recheck on the torrent. Now the status should be "Finished".
  • Start the storrent. Now the status should be "Error: files missing from job."
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