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Help with RSS Feed directories


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I cant seem to find a solution to this in any of the forums. My RSS feeds all download to the default download directory despite having a "save in" directory selected. I've attached screenshots of both utorrents and RSS downloaders relevant options. From my understanding the downloads start and finish in the default directory, in my case "C:\Users\XPS\Downloads". The way it should be working with RSS is that it should be starting and finishing the downloads in the selected directory, "F:\TV & A\Currently Watching\AKG". The only thing that come to mind isthe fact that my F drive is an external hard drive. I've tried playing with the download directories in the settings, but no combination seems to get it to work. 


I'm using uTorrent version 3.4.2_34309

Screenshot of my directory options

Screenshot of RSS Downloader options


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MarHutchy, my RSS link already filters out what I'm searching for. To put simply your link is to the entire EZTV website, and your filters are what search through it. My link is an RSS link with filters already applied. Some websites offer this such as nyaa.se. In any case its not the downloading thats the issue. Its not saving to the correct directory. After some troubleshooting it seems once something has been labeled "previously downloaded" it will always download to the default download directory. I'm not sure why that is.

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I know that method. I do it as well.
What you're saying is that you have an already filtered link. When a new torrent is published it automatically download it to the 'Downloads' folder.
The thing is, @Shiva13, the way how the filter works, is that the filter only applies to whatever is placed here:

So it doesn't matter what kind of rss feed you use, it will download in the default directory.

If you want it to download in the specified directory, you will have to enter a filter name, e.g. =car*.

Probably placing an asterick in the field might work as well - i don't know.

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