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Torrents missing from display


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All of my torrents have disappeared from utorrent list. I installed utorrent on a new computer. Well a newly formatted drive with a new copy of Windows 8.1 installed. I then loaded some torrents and started downloading. When I close utorrent and then open again the list is empty. I am able to click on the .torrent file located in users\user name\app blah blah blah and it resumes where it left off, so I am not losing any data. My question is how do I prevent this from happening? I made sure I was showing all on the left pane, and checked all options I can think of, but it still happens. It's more of a nusance than anything else, because I have to search for the files and chang file view options. I keep my view options of system files hidden so the kids don't mess with anything important. Any help would be appreciated

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