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µTorrent: 2.2.1: Upload limit for completed torrents default to 4 kB/s


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Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1. (Build 7601: Service Pack 1)

Current version of µTorrent: 2.2.1 (build 25110)

No VPNs or firewalls.

My problem: I try to be a good torrent user and share those torrents I have downloaded (or created myself). However, each time I start µTorrent up, or indeed start seeding a torrent, it by default is set to upload to peers at a maximum limit of 4 kB/s.


There must be a setting somewhere telling it to do this, but these are my bandwith settings:




Should I be looking somewhere else? What can I do to make µTorrent upload to peers with unlimited speed by default? It's annoying to have to change it manually every time.


Thank you!

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Does anyone know if this is a known bug with 2.2.1, or if it's something that can be fixable even if one does not wish to upgrade?


I used 2.2.1 (25302) recently for a test and it was working fine.


Try with an empty settings.dat file to see if that helps (you'll lose any customisations though).

Exit uTorrent.

Then back up settings.dat and settings.dat.old (simply move them to another folder, or ZIP/RAR them both up and delete the originals). By default, you'll find them in uTorrent's App (Application) Data folder.

Then create a new text document in this folder and name it settings.dat (.dat being the new extension).

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