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Integrated HD player Issue


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I already posted this in "Chat", but an admin locked my thread with the reason that this was a Plus specific issue even though it is not, however the pictures imply it would be, which is why I understand their mistake. Anyway, just going to repost here. :)


So, I recently made a new build and did a clean install of windows. I have been using uTorrent (3.2.3) up until now. I probably missed re-installing a lot of stuff I had on my old windows, since most of it felt like useless crap (Maybe video codecs/players I might have had. I don't know.). Now, I really liked the way the Integrated video player looked like on my old windows/uTorrent. I was used to it, nice and simple looking. However, now after installing a new windows and uTorrent (3.2.3) the integrated video player is not the same anymore. Instead of the one I like, it's Windows Media Player and not the uTorrent "Default/Integrated" player that I used to have. I would like to get this player/UI back. No intention of changing anything else, including version.


So here's what the player looks like now: (THESE ARE NOT MY SCREENSHOTS THEY ARE FROM GOOGLE)





And here's what I want it to look like:




I have already tried changing the Media players from Settings, nothing looked like the one I want.


EDIT: Again I do not have or have ever had uTorrent Plus. The player I want looked just the same in the Free Version uTorrent (3.2.3).




Help me change Integrated video player from Pic 1 to Pic 2.



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