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uTorrent crashing after 1 hour - Solved?


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I had an issue where uTorrent was crashing 1 hour after opening (Server 2012 standard). I tried everything to fix this and had no luck for over a month. I was not running any virus software on this PC, i had not played with advanced settings, i removed and reinstalled and tried different versions, I tried relocating data locations and nothing worked. I tested the system for faults, even though only uTorrent played up. I then upgraded the MB \ CPU \ Main HD and went to Win8. I installed uTorrent and linked it to my existing folders for torrent files, and downloads etc. and would you believe it, I had the same problem. I troubleshooted for another week with no luck. I gave up and installed Deluge. Now I still had a few incomplete downloads in uTorrent so I thought I would persist and complete them in uTorrent, I started uTorrent and started the downloads. That was 2 days ago and uTorrent has not crashed since. 

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