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RSS Downloader not functioning


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I have been using uTorrent for years now.  The RSS Downloader has been a favorite feature of mine even if it has been a little buggy now and then.  However, after a recent system rebuild and upgrade to the latest uTorrent client, none (as in absolutely none) of the items in my RSS Downloader download automatically. This leads me to believe that I am doing something incorrect, but I can't isolate the issue.


I have attached screen shots of the RSS feed configuration and my RSS Downloaders settings.   ALL shows have the same settings. I don't do anything fancy, I download everything to the same folder.  These are identical settings to what I used prior to the rebuild.


Please note - I can add a Torrent from a site (ie; click the magnet link for a torrent on TPB) and it gets added to uTorrent and everything works fine. It is just the automatic downloads though the RSS downloader that aren't functioning.


I would also enjoy suggestions for other feeds besides TPB if that helps in troubleshooting.




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Update to stable build 34944. The rss feed update bug seems to be working for me in this version.
According to your settings you want to download all episodes of each series and not a specific episode correct?
Keep in mind that most feeds have a retension or entry limit meaning older episodes will not show up in feeds list. It's mostly good for recently added episodes.
-Clear feed history.
-ex. Filter = The Amazing Race*
-Clear feed history.
-enable and update your preferred feeds.
If you want certain episodes or the latest just enable "smart ep." filter and enable "episode number" and input the episodes.
Customize your own feed with what ever shows you want

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