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alright, i'm out of ideas, gonna try to keep this short

i've been downloading things for years with the same kind of modem and even the same company, never, in my life, something like this did happen to me.

from night to morning utorrent just freezes my internet and to make it work again i must reset the wifi several times.
this internet thing has been happening since 3 weeks or so, oddly, i was able to download 2 torrents a couple of days ago by just uninstalling utorrent and deleting the settings file, but today it happened again. The modem/router is able to handle the download, so i've discarded that factor already. I've run the connection test and says the port is the issue "(but you are still able to download)".

it happens in this order:
- i open utorrent
- i add a torrent and select a location
- "connecting to peers", sometimes download a bit
- the speed drops down, and just cant connect until i reset the wifi...

the versión is 3.4.2 (build 34944), in Windows 7 (32 bits), "1 mb/s" says my bill but the task manager says 54 mbps of connection, my computer is crap but it can download

i would go with the port thing, the boxes in the preferences menu are all checked, already tried with and without random ports with no results. My IP is not dynamic btw.

sorry if the english is bad, i'm not really used to write in english, i know there is a non-english section but it doesn't seems very active :l

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