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Automaticly delete unused peers?


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I decided to read up a bit in how my favorite torrent program (and torrenting in general) actually works and decided to mess around with some options to increase my download speeds.


Now I noticed that in my peerlist there are a lot of peers (ip's) that im not downloading from. sometimes Im only uploading to them and somethimes neither. It seems that I would benefit if these ip's got deleted (or atleast the ones where im neither uploading or downloading from) So that other peers can take their place in the list. I currently have max peers set to 200, I am downloading from 5 with a decend speed and the rest is just sitting there doing nothing.


I can't find a option to remove unused peers, So I am wondering, Is there a way to do this? and do I want it?

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When you have configured uTorrent using the setup guide (CTRL+G), everything should be fine.

It's not usefull to have 200 peers for nothing ... as the communication to this amount eats your bandwith and reduces your useful up- & download.

Peers are automatically removed after some time, see the "Help" F1, search for:

peer.disconnect_inactive: Enabling this option tells µTorrent to disconnect from a peer that is not transferring with you after peer.disconnect_inactive_interval seconds of inactivity. A peer gets disconnected by this option only if the connection limit has been reached.

peer.disconnect_inactive_interval: This option sets the amount of time µTorrent should wait before breaking an inactive connection. This value is interpreted in seconds, so please enter it as such. Any value below 300 will be ignored (and 300 will be used instead).

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