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Utorrent and RSS Feeds


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  Hi,folks...Being BRAND NEW to the world of using Utorrent with RSS feeds and after watching a 17 minute video on Youtube regarding the subject about 3 times I am still stumped.And,Ive worked on this problem for approximately 8 hours ! And,just for informational purposes,the video in question is called "How to use RSS Feeds to Automatically download TV Shows with uTorrent and Vuze" and is located at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNRwbhqrx1M

For my own "learning purposes" I used the same website that the author of the video used showRSS: Your TV under control First,he instructs us to NOT "auto download" under the "add RSSFeed" menu (I thought that was the whole purpose). He then goes on to say that to "auto-download" to go into the RSS downloader menu which is the point at where I really begin having problems.

He instructs to go into the RSS Downloader menu item (in uTorrent) and to begin creating a filter.After creating the filter he instructs to "click on the question mark" ( I suppose in order to see if "things worked" (?)) But,when I attempt this,my shows are not showing up.Can anyone please explain to me what's happening here ? At a slightly earlier point in the video he even recommends people bot use uTorrent for this purpose "because it's buggy" ( saw one thing that happened to him that might be considered a "bug") BUT.....everything else worked just fine for him ! Why not me ? Anyone have any clues as to why my shows are not showing up at tihs pont in the procedure ??????

Helllllllllllllppppppppppp !!!!!!!!!!


 (Funny thing too)... until I started screwin' around with this RSS stuff.I used to only have like maybe (at most) ten torrents that were seeding.Now,out of 50 torrents (at this time) 48 are now seeding.After I first started all 50 were seeding ! If anybody wants "extra credit" and wants to comment on this..... (Ha,ha).

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