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Rarely get more than 400-500kB/s from a single peer, 1.5-3mB/s summary


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Hello, fellowes!


I would like to share a problem that I considered a problem just recently:


Torrent download speeds almost never rise higher than 3MB/s. Usually 1-1.7MB/s, while a single-peer download speeds are about 400-600 kB/s at most (usually 200-400kB/s) on healthy torrents. Even on healthy torrents with thousands of seeds. The speed of HTTP and FTP downloads - is about 5-6MB/s.


Please see the attach - these are my absolutely usual speeds.


My internet-connection is 77Mbps. Real IP. I have 3 computers (Mac w/ v1.8.4, PC w/, MacBook w/1.8.4) forming a LAN via Time Capsule MD033 (Mac and PC - by 1Gbps cables and MacBook via 420Mbps WiFi ). Presuming your next question I will answer - YES, I already tried to connect each of my computers directly, bypassing router - the overall speed picture remains the same. uTorrent on EACH machine is set to default settiings. Traffic limitations turned OFF (re-checked a dozen times). 



The most amusing fact is that LAN download speeds (when I start the on Mac a download  that is already finished on PC for test) also display LOW download speeds limited exactly to 14.8MB/s though my machines are connected by 1Gbps link and manually copying a file from Mac to PC displays speeds about 60-70MB/s (60000-70000kB/s) (Screeenshot #2)


"Glasnost" shows that my ISP is NOT shaping traffic - it reached 7MB/s during test (See screenshot 3#)


Can someone please tell me - what the hell?


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Try changing your default settings. Try a different port (under connections) and also try changing your bandwidth settings. Check to see if there is a Download limit set. Usually port and bandwidth settings improve speeds. Screen shot your preferences for Connections and and Bandwidth.


Hello! Already did everything proposed above a dozen times. Checked and re-checked again. Black magic must be involved...


I wonder, if there are any hidden limitations in uTorrent?

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