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1-50 kbps DL


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Lately I've been getting download speeds of around 50 kbps if I'm lucky, on healthy torrents with thousands of seeders and have followed every guide written on this forum. The only thing that has boosted my DL speed from 1-50kbps to 2.3mb/s is raising my upload speed to 100 kbps. I'm fine with having to upload but could someone explain this to me? My terrible searching ability has yielded nothing. I have a 5 mb/s connection.


Has something been changed to make uploading a requirement? I've used utorrent for many years and will continue using it but I have almost always had my upload set to 1.

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Just testing now, on a 16Mb connection:

I can still achieve maximum download speed (1.7Mb/s) when upload is set to no less than 5kB/s.

If I set it to 1kB/s, the download speed drops to just under one third of maximum.


Uploading is always a requirement - you cannot completely disable it. Minimum upload speed can be set at no less than 1kB/s.

But it does seem to affect download speeds.


(On a side note, using - when adding a torrent, Set Upload Limit ALWAYS defaults to Unlimited?? Just saying...).

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