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Downgrading from 3.4.2 to 3.3.2


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I'm really really hoping someone can help me.

I am trying to revert to 3.3.2 from 3.4.2.

I uninstall 3.4.2., restart, intall the older version, change setting to not update auto, save, exit the program (3.3.2), load it - and it's 3.4.2. again.

I'm sure it's something obvious - what am I missing?

Thank you in advance!


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Try this:

Close uTorrent (File>Exit).

Go into uTorrent's AppData folder. Find & rename updates.dat > updates.dat.bak.

Name your 3.3.2.x version uTorrent.exe (if it isn't already).

Place in the location where uTorrent is installed (runs from), overwriting previous version if necessary, and then try again.



Open updates.dat with notepad.

Press ctrl+A to select all the text within, then hit delete.

File>Save. Then exit notepad. Right-click on updates.dat>Properties. Set it's Attributes>Read-only. Apply>OK.

This makes swapping builds/versions a no headache experience (e.g. no downgrade nagging).

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