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Why Does My Tab Keep Jumping Back To The "Info" Tab?


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I usually like to have my tab on "Peers" most of the time, but every time I return to have a look at my downloads, the tab has jumped back to the "Info" tab.

What is causing this? I have only noticed this strange phenomena since using µTorrent 3.4.2 (Build 34309).

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What is causing this?


Maybe a corrupt settings.dat.


Try with a new one - NOTE: you will lose any customisations (e.g. columns, folder destinations etc.).


Exit uTorrent.

Then locate settings.dat in uTorrents application data folder.

Either back up or delete both settings.dat & settings.dat.old, then create a new text document and called it settings.dat (with .dat being the file extension).

Launch uTorrent.

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