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Multiple issues when creating own torrent using built-in uTorrent tracker


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Hi, I am using uTorrent with its built-in tracker to send files to my friends.


The problem is that when I create a .torrent file with the "private torrent" attribute checked, the speed is terrible and rarely uploads (5 sec at peak speed and then back to 0 almost forever).


By searching on the internet it seems that unchecking that attribute and therefore making it public fixed the problem and makes me upload at maximum speed, now the issue is that (I only gave magnet link to 2 friends) and right after seeding I get multiple connections that I don't know (how ?) that I don't want to upload to.


Is there any way to make it private with maximum speed or anything that can solve those issues ?


Thanks for your help.

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Sharing to a small group of friends is NOT what uTorrent is really for.

Did you get any details on the unwanted connections like the originating IP addresses or anything like that?

 Multiple ipv6 addresses, it says 5 clients connected (while I only gave the torrent file to 2 friends), any other info needed ?

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