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Window For Adding Directory and Starting Download Won't Appear?


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Sorry in advanced if this has already been answered but i can't find an answer that rectifies my problem.


I have a laptop as I'm always on the go, when I'm home, I use a dual-monitor setup. When, I installed uTorrent (latest version - I've checked for updates), I was using everything on my second monitor.


Now, when I go to import a torrent file into uTorrent, the window for importing it will not show? I have to physically plug in my second monitor and go to the dialog box from that - something I cannot do away.


The following is information that might be applicable to the problem:


-HP Laptop

-Samsung LED Backlit Monitor

-HDMI to connect

-uTorrent Version 3.4.2

-Display setting is set to 'computer only'

-uTorrent is up to date


Thanks in advanced.

Delete the thread if it's already been answered but please leave a link in the replies section :) 

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