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ISP-Router-uTorrent problem


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Hy there.

I just want to share my problem with my connection because it's very annoying what's happening.

So, what i have:

100 Mbps connection from the best Romanian ISP - RCS- RDS

a TL-WR740N router with last firmware update (v.140520)

and uTorrent 3.2.2 (buil 28500).



And now, i will explain my problem. 

  • Firstly, when i download something, i have few problems with speed, is very inconstant ( it reach 8-9 MB and after it decreases to 100-200kb, and after again higher and lower and so on, and few times i saw that speed "reach" 0 kb).
  • Secondly, when i have uTorrent running my connection ( in browser, in a online game or whatever) is very, very slow and few times i lost connections to those sites/servers.

If i close utorrent, my connection is again ok (but not at 100% of capacity), no slow connection, no freeze, no nothing, almost at the best.


But that's not all, now's start weird part.

1) I wanted to test if router is a problem, so i connect my internet directly, by a PPPoE connexion, cable in pc, utorrent running and no problem ( in browser or on a server, all's ok).

2) If i uninstal uTorrent version, remove all settings and install a fresh copy, all those problems will not exist...few days or, in best case, weeks and after...again!


So, my question is: what can i do to have a stable connection using router and utorrent?


P.S.1: I have used also newer and older uTorrent versions but...same

P.S.2: I have those settings.

P.S.3: If it's important, i have ~ 60 torrents in u.


Hope i will find a solution to this situation cause is very annoying what's happening and thanks all for read this and try to help!

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