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Utorrent Plus not converting torrents for ps3


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I recently purchased utorrent plus so that I could easily convert a torrent to be able to use on my ps3. Once I drag/dropped the torrent onto the device it did nothing. Above my listed devices under converting there is a circle icon that is looping, so it looks like something is happening, but when I go to converted files, it only brings up one which has a red circle with a white cross in it. Now I have to admit, I have about as much computer savvy as a gold fish. I am completely aware that there are other programs on the net to help me convert the files, but I really don't have the patience or the know how to track these down. I am prepared to learn, but this is the sole reason that I purchased utorrent plus. Can anyone pleeeeeease help me? Everytime I try to look up trouble shooting on this problem, all it does is take me to different sites telling me how to convert the torrent, which is exactly what I have done. I am finding it very difficult to find out how to fix this problem. I promised my 12 year old son I would try to convert this file for his 12th birthday 2 days ago and Im not having much luck. I have been trying now for a good 24 hours.

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