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Properly Using uTorrent's "Filter Reset","Delete Feed" and "Clear Feed History"


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   I have a funny problem.I am a new user when it comes to downloading via the RSS Feed reader and I've been playing around with this for about a week or more now.I've watched Youtube Videos and SCOURED Google.I even made my own tutorial via stealing bits and pieces of text from a few different webpages.


    Okay ! Now comes my dilemma ! I'd already had a few TV shows added as RSS feeds and they SEEMED to have worked.BUT ! I wanted to be certain :( Oopsie.Oh,well.So...I deleted all 3 of them.I even used the . Okay.....so,when I went to add them back,IMMEDIATELY,UT started DLing EACH and EVERY episode ! Before I could even set up a filter !!?? What gives ? Anyone ??


   Would REALLY appreciate some help with thisI've actually got those particular shows set up now.And,I'm pretty sure the good to go (they're showing no episodes to DL as I have it set to only DL the next upcoming episodes) BUT ! I'm just curious about what it is exactly that I did that mad UT start downloading  like that.As I said (and in no particular order here) I used the "Reset" under the RSS Downloader menu.AND,I used the "Delete Feed" and "Clear Feed History" options on all of those previous feeds that I had set up.And,I believe I'm good to go.


   I'm sure I read somewhere that when those options are used,that they are to be used in a certain way and in a certain order ! I WISH I could find that info again as I would like to include it in the little (not so little) tutorial I made for myself.I'd kind of even like to have my little tutorial published somehow on the web (Not certain how to go about that either though.Maybe just by posting here ?) so that others might take advantage of it's usefulness as well.as,there really doesn't seem to be anyone that has a tutorial that explains some of these things (like PROPERLY setting up filters) (and just exactly what wildcards are and what they do) (and,how to go about finding the correct URL to "Add an RSS Feed). Hell,I even ran into the issue of having to figure out how to MAKE a "custom" URL because none of the TV sites had any copies of a brand new show that just started airing I wanted (This Is Life With Lisa Ling) so,I had to  somehow grab it from Piratebay !


    So,as always....all help IMMENSELY appreciated ! And,thanks very much ahead of time ! :)

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