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Ad Placement sucks


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I just upgraded to version 1.8.6 and must say that I am NOT impressed by the ad that now shows up in the sidebar.


I have had issue with the sidebar for a while now mostly because it shows all of the RSS configuration that I have set up.  In the Windows version  it shows the subscription feeds and you right click to get to the RSS Downloader, which is where you set up the parameters for what you want to download.


uTorrent for Mac has decided that I want to see all of the shows that I have set up and they figure that I want to see them before the Subscriptions, which show the most recent episodes that are available.  THIS information is what I am actually interested in.


Now uTorrent for Mac has gone and placed an ad over top of the bottom part of the RSS feeds which is where my RSS Subscriptions are.  There is a scrollbar for the RSS section but the bottom part of the RSS area is covered by the ad.  The only way to see the RSS Subscriptions is to widen the sidebar so I can see behind the ad.


My Suggestions:

1. Move the subscriptions to the top of the RSS section (I would like this in any case)

2. Implement a separate RSS downloader as in the Windows version and hide the individual show feeds

 3. Fix the ad so it is in it's own frame (ie it does not overlap the RSS frame

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Thanks for reporting this. It's a known issue that the ad obfuscates the lower part of the RSS list. We are currently working on a resolution for this. I don't have an expected timeframe for when the fix will go in, but keep a eye on the Mac Beta track, as it will likely surface there first.

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