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uTorrent main window won't open


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I'm running Yosemite 10.10 (14A389) and using uTorrent Version 1.8.6 (35247).


Starting sometime last night, the main window of uTorrent no longer opens.

Clicking on a magnet link within Chrome will cause the new torrent popup window to appear.

I can also click "about uTorrent" and that window will appear as well.

But I have not been able to get it to show the main window.


One thing to note is that downloads are continuing as normal, I just have no way of seeing them.

The usual up/down speeds do not appear on the uTorrent icon in the dock either.



I've run through the troubleshooting steps on the sticky thread and deleting my settings didn't fix the issue.

I noticed some error messages when looking in the stderr log in ~/Library/Application\ Support/uTorrent/ and have attached the log for reference.



Can anyone let me know the best way to resolve this?

I have a lot of torrents queued and would prefer not to lose their ordering by attempting a reinstall.



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You can reinstall without losing your torrents, I did it a few times because I was getting the "utorrent cannot be opened because of a problem" error that many others in the forum are getting. I reinstalled an old build and it works for now.. http://www.utorrent.com/downloads/complete/os/osx-ppc/track/stable


Thanks tnfl, this worked perfectly! :)

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