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Having issues using utorrent plus


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This is only my second post, still learning, all be it a little slowly. I gratefully received a reply to my first which stated that I shouldn't have posted my question where I did, that that particular forum was not able to help me with my enquiry.

Lets just assume for a moment that I have very very little computer saavy knowledge, that I even struggle to send an email. I am learning, although it is taking me a lot longer that what I would have hoped, as I do not have very many sources that can help with any enquiries.

Please. if I have yet again posted my question in the wrong area or anything like, do not take offense to it, but please explain to me why I should or shouldn't be doing this. I will not be offended, so please feel free to re-direct me if that is necessary.

Anyways, I recently purchased Utorrent plus, as I needed to convert a file, and according to Utorrent, if I made that purchase it should have been able to do the conversion for me. I had been told that there were plenty of other sites online that I could get a free download and that it would do the same thing for me, but as I have explained, I have very little knowledge on this matter and in the past have spent days chasing down information just to get frustrated with virus riddled downloads or un eventfull links, so I would rather make a payment to find what I want easily rather than spend days trying to find something that may or may not work for me.

When I made my purchase and then proceeded to use it, it would not convert the file for me, and at the time I found this very frustrating. Every time I tried to troubleshoot and look up on line what the problem may be, I kept running into instructions on how to convert the file, all of which I already knew, and had tried.

After days of becoming frustrated and disappointed I finally worked out that the file I was trying to convert was corrupted or something so now I am in the middle of obtaining a new copy and will try again.

Thankyou to the person who did try responding to me. Can anyone please respond and let me know where would be the best place for me to post any enquiries I may have in the future. Please, if you post a link, could you paste it in full or something. I only have a basic laptop, very limited internet access as the only way I can get online is to tether a VERY basic mobile phone to my lap top, I can barely access my emails. The only reason I am able to do this, is a friend had to set it up for me, I do not have the kind of knowledge required to do something like this on my own, even the world of torrents is relatively new to me. Would appreciate ANY help or shared knowledge on any questions I may post in the future, as long as I have the right forum now. Thanks for taking the time to read my post, hopefully I will be increasing my ability shortly.

Thanks again


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