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uTorrent 64 bit client?


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Had a few APPCRASH for U-torrent in the last few days so I thought I'd check for an update.  Then I noticed that it says "32 bit" on the window header.  Well, I have a 64bit win7 system, so i thought aha, maybe there's a 64 bit torrent client (which should be more efficient, one hopes).


I hit google and found some other website describing just such a thing: uTorrent 64bit.  However, mindful of the comments about other dodgy sites, I came to utorrent.com.  Downloaded the latest stable windows version and it's installed 32 bit.  It did comment about an older version being already running, so I guess it is an update after all.


So is there a 64 bit version for windows, and if so, how do I get it?  Selecting "other platforms" didn't seem to offer a choice, except "windows".


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