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Duplication/problems with "Moved Completed Downloads"


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I started using the option to "move completed downloads" from my the download location on my local disk to a NAS box. 


The problem I've been having with it is while uTorrent does seem to copy the files to the requested network drive (the files are physically there, and the file sizes are consistent), the original download remains on the local disk which they were supposed to have been moved from.


This would not normally raise an issue, except when I try to play the file (WMP and VLC both) 99.9% of the time, I can not play the file from the network drive, only from the local drive (yes, very rarely it works, and I don't know why).


All the torrents I downloaded prior to setting the move preferences play fine.


For what it's worth, I changed these preferences because when for some reason, out of the blue, the torrents stopped completing when being downloaded directly to the NAS.  I would get the error, "specified network name no longer available". When I researched that error, I could not find an answer that I hadn't already tried.


If anybody can relate to this and/or has fixed this, I'd appreciate some input. It's certainly not a dealbreaker - I've been a uTorrent fan for a long time - but it's just one more annoyance I'd like to have resolved.


Thanks in advance.

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