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utorrent: windows ran out of memory and crashed


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My system was 3*3TB raid0 previously, and utorrent works fine, and now I only use a single 3TB disk, so the top disk written speed drops, and utorrent disk cache just gets larger, when the downloading speed is higher than 4MB/s utorrent shows 'windows ran out of memory, cannot allocate ....' and crashes. 

I think it is because the disk written speed is low, and disk cache just gets larger and larger, eventually it hits 32-bit program memory limitation and crashed. So I change the override cache to 200MB, but it still crashed, same issue, it looks like the the 'override cache' does not take effect, why??


I think the cache reaches the limitation, utorrent should drops down the downloading speed at least, not just crashes, right?


I've tried the latest version 35141 and an old one 34994, same problem.


Dump file attached.


Can anyone help? Thanks


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