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Utorrent will not install.


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Three days ago I tried to download a file and I got an alert that there was a problem with utorrent. I played around with it for a moment, but then realized that I had no idea what i was doing because i new to macs. i decided to delete the program and to try to reinstall it. Now I downloaded it and it downloads as something called a dmg, which i have never noticed before but then again i am usually a windows user so maybe this is a mac thing. i click on the dmg, something called utorrent installer pops up in finder, i click on the icon, the utorrent thumbnail pops up in the applications bar along the bottom of the screen, and then.... Nothing.

absolutely nothing happens. Nothing installed. 


I have been on utorrent forums yesterday and today and i am not finding people with the exact problem, (i have 10.6.3, so i don't think it's the same problem that the people with 10.8.whatever are having) I saw some people in the windows forum having a hard time and some dude kept telling them to unblock it but he didn't explain and when i finally found a topic that did explain i found i couldn't find a mac equivalent. 


How do I fix this? 

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