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Seeding torrents turning into queued seeds?


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I'm seeding about 1700 torrents on uTorrent 1.8.4 for Mac. I've never had any issues. However, since my last reboot a couple of days ago, a lot of torrents are now turning into queued seeds instead of seeding.


Normally after a reboot, it takes about a day before all the torrents start seeding. But once they are seeding, they stay that way. Now, if 30 torrents for example are grey and marked "Queued Seed", and I Force Seed them, then they will immediately seed. However, it doesn't take long until some other torrents, that were previously seeding properly, now turn into queued seeds as well.


And if I change some of the forced seeded torrents to regular seeding (by choosing Start), then some of them will be immediately green and seed, but most of them will turn into gray queued seeds.


Why is this happening now, and what can be done about it?

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