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"enlarge" torrents creation


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i have my new xmas gifts these days : some seagate 4To drive and i want to use them as a backup of my 6 2To .

so cleaned all my drives used a lot 7zip and at least made some chkdsk followed by a defrag with auslogic...


then i started to plan how i will do to create the torrents files for my 4800 Go ;'] because with utorrent , the lan transfers are very cool and easy to do and all time perfects  :wub:

now that i want to create files for my lan transfers , i see that i can only add one folder per torrent .

or i would like to add multiple folders from a partition and from multiple partitions that i would all copy in the same new partition of the new drive .


i wonder if there is a tool able to do that ?

or if next utorrent beta will have this enlargement update ?


i have 7 transfers of  around 700 Go to do ..... B)

i attach a file to show how it looks on the paper ..



that would be marvelous if i can get that tomorow ;'] i would cry  all day of joy ... B)

thank you in advance 

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