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uTorrent not displaying torrents in Torrent Jobs lists window


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Mac Utorrent Version 1.8.6 (35247), MAC OSx Yosemite


Just downloaded and installed uTorrent.  I've loaded 20 torrents from searches into utorrent and the Torrents status in the left side shows 20 downloading with 4 active and 16 inactive.


But the individual torrents are not displaying in the "Torrent Jobs List"  area to the center right side, nothing!


The only indication I see that anything is happening is the download and upload speed is active.

I've searched all Preferences and settings but cannot find how to display the torrents.  Only change to stock config was to specify torrent files be downloaded to 'Torrent Downloads' folder in the Downloads folder.


The torrents and completed files do appear in this 'Torrent Downloads' folder. Can anyone offer a suggestion how to have the files displayed in the main window's Torrent Jobs List?

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