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Two computers...one NAS.....one config?


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So, I had Computer A, which was slower and drive filling up fast, about to die.

So I copied all the relevant files to a NAS.


Purchased Computer B, copied the config files/directory from the NAS down to the new computer and fired it up.


All was good, even the storage (NAS drive shared as drive T [for torrents]) directories was the same.


So I began thinking.

How can I store the configuration files/directory on the NAS, have uTorrent look to drive T instead of my C drive and profile for the configuration?


That would be great because I could then switch between machines at will, and use the same configuration.



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Can't do unless the new setup has the same setup as the previous utorrent data configuration you will have to restart each torrent all over again but make sure you have the folders holding the downloaded data is in the same location so that it will continue where it left off otherwise you will start back from 0 bytes instead of where it stopped. This is how I would try to do it otherwise if it fails you will start back from 0 bytes again.

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