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Download speed capped connections to peers seems to disconnect


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Hi! i have been using utorrent for quite sometime. But lately i have  been using this wireless LTE ISP and my torrent speed seems to be capped at 60 kB/s without limit to my upload while i have speedtest.net results of 5-10Mbps my modem model is ZTE MF93D. When checking with the peers they are connected but they dont show signs that i am downloading from them and their number is constant at about 106 without change despite changing my p2p connection limit to 3000 and the torrent having 6000 seeders. I tried using the Glasnost test to check if my ISP is throttling my connection and it showed negative. When i try to download using a DSL my torrent speed is not capped and is reasonable for a speed of 3 Mbps about 200kB/s that is using the same laptop and i also tried it with my desktop. I cant figure out the problem.. i hope someone in this forum has an answer thank you

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