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Problems after changing configurations (port)


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Utorrent had been working well for me until today when I decided to mess up with the configuration (not my smartest move since I'm far from being an expert  :unsure: ).


In order to boost my download speed, I ran the Setup Guide which ran BOTH bandwith and Network tests and both were succesful.  So far so good; better speed.


(Notice I had never made any change manually in any feature, every configuration had been made automatically by Utorrent)


so I noticed a slight improvement but I got greedy and wanted more speed so I followed this steps 




I found it weird that they talked about switching the port to "443" but since the one I was using had been chosen automatically I thought it wasn't a problem and that Utorrent could always define a port that would work afterwards 



But immediately after i changed the port, my download speed droped from 160 kb/s to...5 kb/s. 


I tried to run the Setup Guide again hoping it would switch the settings back to a way that would work... but since then the bandwith test always fails (not always the same error message but most of the time something about a socket that is off)


I so I tried other ports using the "random" button but none of them worked, my download speed was still ridiculous.


Then I unistalled Utorrent, install it again, installed older versions, reset my router, nothing worked, I'm stucked with this limited download speed and I don't understand what the problem is. I never configured anything beside what I did today, so I don't understand why a new installation didn't solve the problem :(


If anyone could help I'd be glad :)

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I blocked then re-allowed the rules on the Windows Firewall. I noticed a small change, for the best.


You see, the download speed has improved since the time I made the first post (it seems to be "adapting" :P ) but it's still below the expected level. If it's OK I will wait maybe until tomorrow to see how it goes, 


Thanks a lot for your time and your help. 



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