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RSS DLer - feed name parser - a small problem


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Here is a small problem with the RSS DLer feed-name parser:

When a feed name in the format <feed name><sp1>|<sp2><feed link> is entered, when <sp1/2> are some spaces the following behavior occurs:

<sp1> - no problem there. It seems to always work OK with or without spaces

<sp2> - here is the problem - when you enter space(s) there - it seems to work OK during the session you are in right now, but when you exit uTorrent and re-run it - it is not scanning it any more, and outputs an empty releases list (probably - parse that link badly on startup)

once you entered/edited the link again, and say - added another space there - it starts working again...

Well, I've put there a space (by mistake), and it was annoying ...

I suggest to have uT support parse spaces correctly (just skip them) to help avoiding such incidents ...


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Yep, I sorta suggested that ludde (after splitting the string, which I'm assuming he uses "|" as the key) trim the URL (cut whitespace from beginning and end), but that was a long time ago, and I'm not sure if it was missed. In the mean time, the RSS tutorial specifically says there can't be spaces, so any problem with this is user error (I know you know this already ;P).

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Yes, shame on me... not paying attention and missing this important note in the RSS guide... ;)

Too bad is DOES work in the session when you enter the space, so you cannot check yourself... maybe ludde should make it NOT work there either, so at least it is consistant... :P

well, I added a not of this to my accumulated RSS problems/features' list on the todo section. Maybe ludde will get to that some day... :)


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