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Internet connections went mad


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I have a big problem. I tried to set up uTorrent on my XP thru firewall on port 15555. After downloading, i closed that port.

Now, day later, i turn my pc on and see multiple IPs from all over the world try to connect on my port 15555, yet uTorrent is not running!

Im asking myself wtf?... then couple hours later, i find that this is a cisco-snat port, and i am getting alot of information, alot of packets. (uhh.. i didnt know that this one is a reserved port...)


How i can stop this packet flow? why i got it on the first place? im not a router, they dont see it?


Some china ones tried to connect on port 23, 445...

and my DNS is going crazy....




i 'dont think' that this is virus related... i know, that there are people that want to get access to my PC, i see different local ports used. My firewall holds for now...

Help me shake them off please. (or set me on track how i could benefit from that)

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That i understand, i noticed in the past that it can happen. But never like this. Its been more than a day, and i still getting incoming packets on that port...

I tried running uTorrent for a bit so they 'get the memo', and quitting, but that didnt work.


I noticed that incoming packets are not listed in firewall, only in Wireshark. If i understand correctly, its becose there is no program running on my pc that listens on that port. So why it keeps flowing?

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Again, it comes down to the other end not knowing that you're no longer on the torrent, so it has to check.


Yeeahh. after 3 days they know that i am not downloading nor uploading anything. F***ing great.

Thats the cost one must pay not using VPN. Who would have thought, sending 'random' UDP packets over half of the planet, not a biggie.. not at all...


And i still dont know if that was my fault using port 15555, or some illogical use of the net.

I wont use uT again... thanks for nothing

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