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Have used Utorrent for last couple of years with no issues and great satisfaction.  A week ago started to have bug issues with some downloads staying at "Connecting to peers" status and never downloading.  Now all downloads I attempt get stuck on "Connecting to Peers" on the availibility bar is solid red. 


Before I get the most obvious replies PLEASE NOTE :


-I have no firewall

-I have tested my port and it is open

-I have tried other download files

-All Files I have downloading have wayyyy more seeders than leechers (by more than 30:1 ratio)

-I have most up to date UtorrentPlus

-I have tested my speeds on speedtest.net






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As I had a similar problem last week (torrent was not able to be restarted after it was manually stopped by me) I managed that in this way:

Use the tray icon with rightclick and stop all torrents, after a while restart all them (also using the right click tray icon method).

Seems like there "could" be a problem with one build on the way of the betas/stables in the last while.

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I had my Computer Tech guy (a network administrator for a large company) check my problem out, he checked all the ports, firewalls and settings, we even disabled the firewall and still it will not work.  My Computer Tech has always been able to resolve my problems but this one has left him dumbfounded.  Still stuck

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Been having this problem as well.

Poked at it some today, and discovered something interesting...


UDP: utorrent can't talk to tracker.openbittorent.com

ICMP: ping & tracert can't talk to tracker.openbittorent.com

TCP: tcping *CAN* talk to tracker.openbittorent.com


This machine is dedicated to utorrent, ed2k, and a few other applications, has no 'security' software running, has no firewall running, has all auto-updates disabled, has no peer blocklist, has had NO changes for months (at least).


Similar problem with tracker.publicbt.com, however tcping also fails (but they may not have tcp port 80 open).

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