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uTorrent downloading slowly or not at all with my Mac


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So I am longtime utorrent client user on PC. I have a very fast wifi connection and get good upload and download speeds with my PC in my current location. I just purchased a brand new Macbook Air with the fastest processor and 8gb RAM and all that and it performs amazingly, in general, and much better than my PC in all respects except the that utorrent downloads are slow as hell despite the settings being identical to the settings I have for my utorrent on my PC as well as being on the same wifi network. I am always trying to download torrents with tons of seeders (like tens of thousands) and still it is very slow while the same torrent will download lightning fast on my PC.  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program, resetting all the settings back to default, and all the tweaks suggested on YouTube. I donwloaded Vuze and Transmission on my Mac as well and they also seem very slow in terms of downloading so I am wondering if it is something with my Mac settings. Can someone help me?


I have a Macbook Air running Yosemite with the latest stable build version of the uTorrent.


Any help would be much appreciated

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