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B 462: uT leaks GDI/memory resources ?


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Here is the GDI story -

I was running uT with about 20 tasks in the download list, only one of them DLing (Dling one file of 10 of a multi-files torrent).

I started with about <30% memory/GDI resources and ended with 1% after about two hours!

Is there some leak in this beta ? I don't really know what was the case in previous betas, but this is not good.

I suspect the new progress bars, so I'll turn this feature off tonight and test this on one other torrent.

Let me know if any one noticed that too!

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You need to restart to recover the leaked GDI handles. And there's no resource meter for XP, so I can't use that to find leaks. :P Find me something for XP.

There's also the fact that 98/ME are limited severely in GDI resources (and they leak resources on their own), while Windows XP is not.

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